Podcast reflection

Hoi gwuys it’s eggbob2.  Today I will be reflecting my podcast.  so me and my class were doing individual podcasts. We chose books to do our podcast on. So I’m gonna reflecting MY BOOK THAT I CHOSE FOR THE PODCAST.

Why did I chose it? I chose the book because it looked hard and I just wanted a challenge that’s it. The name of the book is The Miraculous Jounrney Of Edward Tulane.

What went well?  I don’t really know what went well I guess everything did.

What did I enjoy? I enjoyed reading the book and making podcasts about it.

What would I do diferently?  Nothing I guess I really liked the way it went.

How else could I use podacsting in school? I can use it for alot of subjects by documenting what’s heppening so far in my learning

Here is a picture of the book:The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo | 9780763680909 | Booktopia

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