Indonesia country project

Hoi people, It’s me eggbob2!

Today, me and my class did a small project about a country of our choise.  I chose indonesia which in located in Southeast Asia. and here are some facts about it

The population is: 273.8 MILLION whole humans.

The climate goes from: 22.8°C to 30.2°C!

1 of their favourite foods there are: asinan betawi. Here’s a picture!Resep Asinan Betawi, Sajian Segar untuk Rayakan Lebaran

Some of the geographic features are: Lake toba, Komodo, Riau islands, Maoke mountains an WAY more! Here’s a picture of some of these places (in order)The ultimate guide to Lake Toba - Getting there, where to stay, eat and visitGuide to the Komodo islands | Seal SuperyachtsRiau Islands Travel Guide 2023 - Things to Do, What To Eat & Tips | Trip.comWhere is the nearest place from Indonesia where I can enjoy snow? - Quora

Some of their holidays are: Pancasila day, lunar new year, Islamic new year, Eid al-fitr, Ascension day, Eid al-adha.

and there they speak: Indonesian

1 of their religions is: Buddhism.

3 of their neighboring countries are: Borneo, Malaysia, and Timor.

and here is their flag:

Flag indonesian Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik

and here is a picture of my planning sheet:

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