Ok, so our teacher instructed us to make a working drawbridge on our castle model.  the reason I’m talking about pulleys and gears is because we have to use (a) pulley(s) or (a) gear(s)  to make the drawbridge go up and down.  The goal is to make it work (Kinda obvious.).




So let’s start talking about simple and non-simple machines.
A simple machine is something like a basic pulley or a simple gear. Here are some more examples for some simple machines


and there are more. So, now let’s look at some non-simple machines or complicated machines.drill
car motor

Ok, now that you know what a simple machine is that’s good for you now your brain cells increased by 0.000000000000000000000000001% YAY!  ok so the goal is to use simple machines on our castle (again kinda obvious)


Here’s a fun video about castles

Here’s a fun video about the life of a surf

Here’s a video about gears

Here’s a fun video about pulleys

Here’s a fun video about drawbridges



Photos of the building:

Final result:

Self Assessment:

I loved this project because I love building and im really interestes in this type of stuff.

my expirence during the stop motion project

Ahoy people! I’m eggbob2!  So I was sick for the most part.  So I wasn’t asked to do much but when I was not sick I voiced over a character and added some stuff to the credits.
let me explain to you what stop motion is

step one you use any type of clay or lego

step two you want to get any stop motion app on an iPad/phone

step three you want to  take the clay/lego and take pictures but every picture you move the clay/lego a tiny bit so its almost like a movie.

you can change how many frames per second your film moves at the more frames the more pictures you need to take and less you need to move they clay/lego every picture.this is where we were discussing what scene to do as you can see at the top there are our votes. we ended up chosing brightbill hatching.this is our storyboard template. this where the events that where gonna happen in our stop motion film.this is my stop motion film so, YUH.this is my self assesment.  So this is what I rate how well I worked.  So i think i worked very well.  my group was awsome.  we cooperated almost perfectly the only thing we argued on was wiich scene to do.  So my group was noaGAT and lyla. BAIIIIIII

Grade 4 light unit

Howdy humans of the universe!! !!!!

  • hi i will now be talking about the Grade 4 light unit. First we talked/studied about natural and artificial sources of light. let me show you some cool facts:
  • natural light is light that happens with no need of living beings.
  • artificial light is light that needs a living beings.3 Things a Fire Needs - Frontier Fire Protection
  • Then we talked/studied about luminus and non-luminus here are some more cool facts:
  • luminus obects are objects that produce there own light.
  • non-luminus objects are obects that reflect/dont produce there own light.
  • Light bulb
  • reflection is when an light hits an object so it looks like that object is making light for example a good reflector would be a mirror and tin foil. if your wondering how mirrors work heres what happens: the light in the room hits you then reflects off of you onto the mirror then back into your eyes. and its the sam with water. but light can reflect in different ways. for example the light hits the rough surface so when it reflects off is goes everywhere.
  • then we talked about how light travels. here is a cool fact
  • light travels in a straight line.heres how its moves: when it is reflected/produced its shines a bunch of rays of light. photo of trees

then we learnt about refraction. refraction is when light bends when it hits water. or when it bends at all.

My recount

       Going To Vancouver

One foggy day in April,  I left school early at 1:12 pm on a Thursday.  It was pretty foggy so I was excited to leave for Vancouver.  Me and my mom were waiting at the  main doors of OJCS waiting for my sister to come. She finally came, then we left to go home to bring  my dad with us.


We met up with my dad and the next thing I knew I was in the taxi.  We put all our suitcases in the trunk then we were ready to go to the airport.


 We were on the plane on the way to vancouver! 


          At Vancouver


The first day in Vancouver was foggy like Ottawa but it was a bit warmer so I was pretty happy.  The thing I was the most happy about was seeing my grandparents for two weeks.  My grandparents are REALLY nice to me so I was SUPER excited to go see them. I call my grandparents savta and grandpa mike their names are Sharon and Michael. They live in Kerrisdale (it’s their neighborhood)  their house is quite big but I share a room with my sister, Sarah or Sammie, and my parents sleep in the basement.  On that day we didn’t really do much.  So I’ll skip to the next day. I woke up in The morning at 4:00 AM because of the time difference so I watched youtube and played games on my nintendo switch until 9:00 AM. My grandparents were downstairs by then so I decided to get up for the day.   It was a normal day. We ( we, as me and my sister) went downstairs and had breakfast. It was just a normal day of normal stuff. (plus it was kinda boring to write about, plus i kinda forgot so I’m gonna skip to when my grandparents brought me and my sister to their house in gibsons!)


                             Going to  Gibsons

A few days before we went to Gibsons my parents told us we were going, Then I was in the car going to Gibsons or let me rephrase that, the ferry to gibsons. We brought our car there so me, my sister, and my grandma were going to explore the ferry while my grandpa stayed in the car. We got pretty tired of exploring so we went back in the car. Me and my sister played games on our phones for like 15 minutes and by the time we were done we were there at Gibsons!

(Gibsons is some sort of village near vancouver)



  At Gibsons

When arrived at Gibsons we were SO excited to get to their other house. After driving for 5 five minutes we were there. Their house was big and their garage was separated from their house. My sister said it should be some kind of studio. When we went inside it was quite huge. It was quite high above ground so their living room was a bit lower than their dining room. And they had a SUNROOM where we played a game called Charen.. I played against my grandpa. He won the game, then he played a game with my sister. Their backyard was bigger than my HOUSE!!!! (at the time.) I was amazed they had a whole GARDEN inside and when you went to the complete back you could see some kind of BEACH.then me and my sister played tag in their backyard.  Then my grandma and my sister went shopping but I stayed back and played video games.when they came back from the store my sister bought me some cool crystal and some pencil crayons and a sketch pad. I played a bit more video games then I had to go back to their house in vancouver. I used the pencil crayons and the sketch pads to draw my minecraft avatar. I felt very car sick because of the drawing I was making. (I didn’t know that at the time so I kept drawing) by the time I was done we were home. So goodbye I’m gonna end my recount here. 🙂

What I like

I like drawing, for example, I made a lot of little creatures and I cut them out and bring them home and I use them as toys. hopefully I can find out how to put a picture of my cutouts on Google docs on I pad. Here they are.

I like drawing because I am very good at it. Look!

I also like Pokémon as you can see most of my cut outs are Pokémon, while some I made up. But I also like dragons 🐉  

As I said I really like pokemon so here is a pokemon card I made 

It’s the same card just the 2nd one is just the back of the card,

I also have a whole art binder! (there is also most of my good art and drawings in my binder) yesterday I showed my whole class all of my art binder! My art inspired my teacher so she included art in the math that we did after I showed the class my art binder. I also love making beasts. I love drawing because it keeps me busy when I’m bored.

And when I’m done and I like them I keep them and look at them and I’m like oh those are good.


I started drawing when I was about 3 years old.